Mold and tool making

Art of handcraft in work on plastic material

Stützkern für Kofferraumwannen

The small animation in the picture shows the wooden component which we use to theroform e.g. the supporting core for trunk trays. By the way, the tool shown here is not a light one, it weighs about 350 kg.

For the construction of forms and tools WOLF Packaging uses aluminium, ureol and various blockmaterials as well as wood.

So we can develop quickly out of the construction drawing a concrete sample which is still open to being optimised, e.g. by a later treatment with CNC-mill.


Tool- and form construction: examples in our storage


Doppelwerkzeug für KLT

Double-tool for small carriers

Kombination: Werkzeug für Drehstapelbehälter in Alubox

Tool for rotary stacking container

Alu-Werkzeug für Sensoren-Trays

Aluminium tool for trays

Werkzeug für Werkstückträger

Tool for component holder 

Form für eine Radlaufabdeckung

Form for a wheel-arch-coverage




5-axle CNC-milling center

Precision for tool construction, trimming and later handling

Our customers know: WOLF Packaing is really flexible. 
From custom made items (Unique copies and prototypes) to small batches and mass production
in big scale we ship reliable. If you change specifications at short notice, 
we stop production immediately and adapt to your needs.

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